Friday, 19 July 2013


| Train ride home | Blonde hair | Ice cream is the best | The few clothes i've brought home | OOTD for Birmingham | Family BBQ | Grapes | 
| Cat sitting | Flowers in my garden | Zumba time | Holiday memories | Me and my cousin | My sister and Cousin messing around | 
| Beautiful shoes | Favourite summer dresses | Breakfast |

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, i'm not sure if its lack of motivation of just because i'm at home and enjoying some time off from everything and relaxing. 

I've been home for a few weeks now and i've really enjoyed my time. Obviously the sun has helped massively with my mood and what i've been doing. Plenty of ice cream eating and sunbathing has been happening. 
Next week is equally going to be as fun for me, I've been very lucky to be selected to go to the Celeb Boutique store opening at Westfields, so a lovely shopping day for me! I have also just found out i've passed my 2nd year of uni which is such a relief for me as i have tried and worked so hard this year so its obviously been paying off. 

Have you had good news recently?


  1. its always nice being home and doing a bit of relaxing!
    just enjoy the sunshine!

  2. I love going home it's always so nice.
    Love the photo with the 2 head popping out of the tent.