Tuesday, 31 January 2012


all my post seem to be about jewellery, sorry about that, i just have a lot of lovely sparkly things at the moment <3

the daisy jewellery I've got are 2 stack rings. 
although they are pricey - roughly about £50.
(i bought them in the sale) however, they are silver and will last forever, thank goodness!!!

although they are meant to be stacked one on top of the other, i prefer them singularly as i have small hands and they look more delicate.

i love the simplicity of each design and the small detail of colour inside each daisy.

the boxes they came in are lovely and simple like the ring and the delivery was super quick.

they are such beautiful rings and i wear them most days.

simple, silver, super

a must have for any girls hand. i love daisy jewellery.

i am defiantly buying some more when i have money!!!


Monday, 30 January 2012


Tiffany, the American jewellery and silverware company has been around since 1837.

Their prices range from £100 to millions. Their most expensive being a diamond engagement ring at the pricey amount o£1,627,500 (I live in hope)

I have only got one item of jewellery from Tiffany, the classic iconic heart shaped earrings. I love the box it comes in and the dust bag. i buff my earrings on them before i wear them  on it.

They are the cheapest item from the website £100, however they have lasted for years. The amount of time I've worn them makes up for the price.

These are my favourite earrings ever and they have lasted forever.
To wash, I use a silver polish cloth and use warm water on it. i got this advise when i bought my silver Pandora bracelet. it does the job.

I have 2 piercing on one ear and I was apprehensive when i got my 2nd piercing as i thought the Tiffany earring wouldn't fit, however it does fit.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Mulberry (Better picture)

This is my mulberry bracelet on <3
So simple and delicate it goes with anything. 


Every girl has a love for mulberry. The English traditional style of handbags has become a timeless collection of every woman's wardrobe.

As a poor student, I wish I had the funds to have a Mulberry in my arms. I have a few mulberry gifts from lovely people who clearly know me very well.

(I am secretly hoping for Mulberry over valentines day)

The bayswater is classic. I love the size, the colour, the smell, the durability. I just love it.

I have to have one. £695 isn't that bad??

I have a Mulberry Zip Pouch that i got for my birthday. The first thing i noticed about it was that it is surprisingly big, i use it as a clutch bag the majority of the time and the rest in my day handbag to keep keys and cards in.
From a friend I got a Hot Fuchsia Heart Friendship Bracelet. The heart is 3cm wide and i love the colour.

I love how every Mulberry item is delivered to the heights standard. I love how it came in it own box with the logo on. It just makes it all the more nice to receive as a gift.

Clutch bag - £150
Bracelet -  £60

Sorry the photograph quality isn't too good, its very dark in my room.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

My obsessive love for shoes

When I am old and have horrible feet, I will smile knowing I have worn enough heels :)
I love shoes, always have always will. When i was little i used to make my mum stick pins on my shoes so it would make a noise. 
I am short.. 5"2 and a bit, having a boyfriend who is 6"3 does not help.
So to solve this issue, i wear heels, lots of them. They may kill my feet and sometimes give me blisters, they are worth it. 
At the moment I have a love for wedges. Super sencible compared to stilletos and no fear of snapping the heel off (just me??)
These are my new babies. 
Miss Selfridge - £69
i never normally pay that much on shoes, especially heels, However, these Burgandy Suede Wedges are a limited edition, and therefore probably worth the investment.
i am new to blogging, this is my 1st post. basically this is my Fashion with Photography Student Blog, full of fashion, photography and general life. I study at Southampton Solent and I'm currently in my first year.

my blog will basically be fashion, what i buy and my photography.