Monday, 30 September 2013

Pink and Denim

| Top Newlook £9.99 | Skirt Primark £8 | Heels Miss Selfridge £15 Sale | Clutch bag Bank £10 | Necklace £5 Sale |

This is another one of my freshers outfits this year. I am really loving this skirt and have really liked wearing it for day and night. I am also loving wearing this top. I think the fit is perfect for me and the colour is so pretty. I teamed it up with my favourite statement necklace and black shoes and clutch. 
I have properly started uni again today which was super scary but slightly exciting knowing i'll be done soon. I only have 26 weeks of actual uni weeks! I have some pretty exciting blogposts coming soon for my uni work experience so keep your eyes peeled!

I have been feeling really distant from the blog world recently so I hope you're all doing well!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pink and gold Ted Baker nails

| Nails £8 Boots |

I have been wanting some new nails for freshers week as i think it completes an outfit and a look. I have plenty of trouble with nails as i have tiny hands and tiny nails to match. I saw these in boots for only £8 (my normal nails are around £10) and they looked pretty small in size. When I got home to put them on, I was so surprised with how well the fitted me! I have so much trouble and have to file most of the nails down, so it was very refreshing to just glue them on. I absolutely adore the colour of them. I love baby pink on my nails and I think the rose gold tips are lovely and a nice twist on a classic manicure. I cant wait to buy these again and see what else from this range I can buy! 

What's your favourite colour on your nails?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

You’re gonna hear me roar

| Top Topshop £8 | Skirt Primark £8 | Clutch Bank £10 | Shoes Office £20 sale |

This is another freshers outfit i've worn. Because I have less storage space this year, I have bought less clothes to uni so I have had to style more outfits with what i've got. I bought this skirt so I could wear it for the day as well as the night. I have already teamed this up with Uggs and a cropped jumper for the day. I really love white and denim together so this crop top was perfect for it. I also think it leaves a nice bit of skin on show thats flattering. I added my leopard print studded heels to add a bit of detail to the outfit. I cant wait to wear this outfit more throughout the year. I think I have a lot more ways I can style this skirt too which is exciting.

What colours and prints do you love together?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

First Of My Freshers Outfits

| Top Newlook £9.99 | Trousers TKMaxx £15 | Heels Miss Selfridge £15 | Clutch £10 Bank Fashion |

For many new students or returning students, Freshers is starting this week. Freshers is all about having a good time and making new friends or enjoying time with all your friends. As I have moved into my house with 3 of my best friends, we are all going to enjoy our last year together, have a good time going out and enjoying freshers.
I feel that my 'night out' wardrobe has been a bit boring and plain recently and I wanted to inject a bit if colour to it. I have also found that as the weather has been getting a bit cooler, i've wanted to dress slightly warmer than normal yet still look fashionable. 
I have seen loads of these trousers in Zara and Topshop and haven't been too sure about them (or the price). However I found these in TKMaxx for only £15 and thought I why not. I really like the print and style of them. 
I really wanted a cami from Topshop too, only none of the sizes fitted me, either too small or too bit. I spotted this in Newlook and it fitted a lot better. I really like the way this looks for a classy night out look. I think it will be a simple easy outfit to wear that will still keep me slightly warmer, a bit more covered up than normal and still look fashionable. 

What do you think? Have you bought any new outfits recently?

Monday, 16 September 2013

New Start, New Room

| Duvet Cover Amazon | Cushion IKEA | Mirror Argos | Lamp Argos |

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. As you might know, I have moved into my new house for the last year of uni. It took hours to make it tidy and organised as I just had so many boxes and suitcases shoved on my bed. It was a daunting task, but I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I know its very pink but I think as this is my only private space, I might as well make it my own and how I want it - And I like pink and pretty things. I really love my mirror. I bought it plain wood but painted it pink and made it sparkly. I think it adds a bit of personality to my space. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

We're sailing away

| Dress Topshop Annie Greenabelle £15 sale | Heels Miss Selfridge £15 sale |

With me going back to uni for my 3rd and final year, I have been trying to organise and downsize on my wardrobe. I have less space this year than I did last year so i've been sensible with the amount of dresses i'm bringing. This is one of the dresses i'm taking, I thinks its so cute and fun. I adore the bow on the front and the colours of it, I think its quiet sailor style which i really like. I think its perfect for autumn and winter teamed with tights and a leather jacket. I tried it on with heels and thought it would also look perfect for a night out. the smock style of it hides what i want to cover (summer belly) and shows on my legs, hopefully making me look taller.
Im moving house this week officially which is pretty scary. 3rd year here I come! My next post will probably be of my new room! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Falling Leaves

| Carmel Tropical Print Pencil Dress* | Jumper H&M £12.99 | Sandals Newlook £7.99 | Bag Primark £4 |

Its September! How crazy is that? I have noticed that even though the weather is still really nice, its been a bit cooler recently and I have needed a jumper. I am trying to hold onto summer for as long as possible so I have been trying to incorporate my Summer clothes into my Autumn wardrobe until it gets too cold! 
I absolutely love this dress from Celeb Boutique and I have loved wearing this over summer. However I have wanted to wear it so much more than just nights out (link to original dress post here). Ive seen a lot in Topshop that they style pencil skirts with cropped jumpers. I really like that style so i tried it with this dress, I love the look of this dress and jumper because it give the dress and whole new look. Its much more casual and perfect for days out shopping or a date. I like the pop of colour the skirt bring to the outfit and still brings a look of summer and fun to the overall look.

Have you bought out any Autumn clothes yet? is it depressing you as much as me?