Thursday, 30 August 2012


Recently i've been getting a few emails about my hair and how I get it too look like it does and what colour I use and how I look after it.
So I thought I would start from the beginning...
So this was little me. Probably about 4/5. I had really thick blonde hair. It was so unmanageable my hair stayed this length for a long time. I have also been a dancer my whole life so my hair stayed pretty simple throughout my youth for it to be easy to put up into buns.

Skip forward to when I was 14 and this was me. 
I still had no layers and nothing really, As dance was such a big part of my life my hair stayed simple with no layers. Boring, I know. 

When I started to go into my older teen years I decided to go for a change which was big for me as I never had anything fancy done. I took it slowly and went from the picture above to this

then to this
I got layers and a fringe and it slowly went from shoulder length to a bob - a really short shaved neck at the back bob. I did like it when I had time to straighten it but when I was in a rush or had to go dancing it was the biggest pain of my life. I remember crying some days because it was just too short and there was literally nothing I could do with it.
So I decided to grow it back, It has only taken me till now to get it to the length it used to be when i was 14, i'm now almost 20. Ever since the bob incident, I've been terrified of getting my hair cut just incase they cut too much off.

This was me at the start of my 1st year of uni and this is me now

I think its grown the most over uni than it ever has which I find strange as to be honest, I have only had one haircut this year. 
I rarely straighten my hair now, I think its half laziness and half because I don't want to damage my hair anymore. This is my natural colour and natural style. All I do is let it dry and done. Easy.
I rarely have it up now, probably because I've had to have it up the majority of my life, if I do, its a big bun on top of my head.

I think i'm the happiest I've been with my hair so far in my life and I'm happy keeping it the way it is for a while now.

Have you had any hair disasters? 

lots of love

Friday, 24 August 2012


So it happened, I got them. The shoes of all shoes. Studded, gold, nude, leather, handmade and jeffrey campbell - what more could you ask for???

I got these beauties from Office for £105. The quality is worth it, and they're beautiful which helps. They are right on trend and super comfy too. They will go with everything and I cant wait to wear them with everything.
They came with individual dust bags which will protect them for longer and I love the packaging it comes in. The postcard picture it come with is quirky.
These will defiantly be appearing in a few outfit of the days soon.

What do you think? have you bought anything amazing recently? 

lots of love 

Monday, 13 August 2012


As you all know I'm at uni and going into my 2nd year which means moving out of halls and into my own little home from home. I decided to live on my own this year - less distraction, and I absolutely can't wait to put my own little touch on a place to call home.
I have a job at Next Home which comes in very handy as I'm surrounded by pretty room sets all day and get staff discount. The majority of my new things are from next. I wouldn't normally buy things from here but my discount means its pretty affordable.
My new house has a tiny kitchen, Bedroom/Study and a bathroom. I'm obviously going for a pink theme in the bedroom and kitchen and whites, greys and silvers in the bathroom.

Some of these things I already have as they were bought in the sale. The Pink kettle and toaster set was a bargain of £18 reduced from £50 and the bedding was reduced from £45 to £15.

All these things listed below are from Next

  1. Camera - £10
  2. Flower - £2.50 (sale)
  3. Marilyn Monroe Picture - £30 or £50 depending on frame
  4. Soak motif - £15
  5. Towels - £35 (set of 6)
  6. Fairy lights - £25
  7. Soap dispenser and Tumbler - £12
I know its girly and pretty but its going to be my own space and I cant wait to make it look just how I want! I will upload pictures when I have moved in and fully finished my masterpiece. 

What do you think? Are you redecorating or moving house soon?
lots of love


All the new season clothes have come out recently. And i really love all the colours. There is a lot of khaki and greys and still to my delight, nudes. Here are a few pieces I love at the moment.

  1. Tank Midi Dress - £29. I have this dress already and i love it. Its so versatile. I wear it with my Levis jacket when its cold or just a scarf draped over my shoulders and flip-flops when its hot. Its meant to be a midi dress but because I'm short its a nice size maxi dress for me. 
  2. Denim Shirt - £40. I love the colours of this. I think it would look perfect over a maxi dress or with leggins for an easy laid back look when its a little cooler. 
  3. Khaki Army Jacket - £55. This is such a good jacket! I love this so much! perfect for festivals with shorts or over a maxi dress. This will easily see you over through the autumn months. 
  4. Brown Leather Glitter Boots - £59.99. Although these seem a little pricey from NewLook, they are real leather so they will last. and the glitter just makes them even more gorgeous. practical yet beautiful at the same time!
  5. Jeffery Campbell Gold Stud - £105Nude, stud, leather, jeffery campbell - need i say more? these beauts will add a touch of glamour to any outfit and will last for years. 
What do you think? Anything you love from my list?
lots of love