Monday, 27 January 2014

White Diamond Phone Case

| White Diamonds Phone case £15 |

I recently upgraded my trusty iPhone 3gs to a brand new phone. I am so happy to now have a phone that actually works and has storage space and can download apps on it. I can actually use my phone properly and get my moneys worth on it. I chose the iPhone 5s, mainly because its gold, but also because I am an apple girl and have been for a while. Plus its such a jump from my old phone. I obviously wanted a case for it as its got to last me 2 years, but wanted something clear to see the gold on the back. I decided originally to get a clear case but stumbled across this site not long ago. White Diamonds offer sophisticated phone cases with Swarovski elements on it. Im not going to lie, I was completely sold by the idea. When It arrived I couldn't be more happier with how it looks. The 3 'trinity' jewels fit perfectly on the back and just compliments my phone perfectly. The front and sides are clear and minimal so it doesn't look like I have a bulky case on, or one at all. I love my new phone and the case, I can't wait to buy more cases from White Diamond. 

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Topshop and Newlook wishlists

OUTFIT 1 | Playsuit | Jacket | Necklace | Heels | OUTFIT 2 | Necklace | Heels | Nail Polish | Jacket | Dress |

I have been loving so many of the new season collections at the moment, particularly from Newlook and Topshop. These have been my favourite stores and there has been so much I want to buy and save up for. This year I have a few events and parties coming up so I am going to be needing some new outfits to wear. 
This first outfit is a bit monochrome which isn't something I normally go for, however teamed up with this chic blue blazer and heels, makes it look more colourful. I have just bought this playsuits and really want some items to wear with it. The necklace I teamed with it is perfect for summer and I love matching orange and blue together. 
The second outfit is so pretty. I absolutely adore this pink satin dress, I think it would be perfect for spring and summer maybe for a wedding or party. I teamed it up with a black blazer to make it more suitable for evenings and the weather now. A staple pair of nude heels is something ever girl needs in her wardrobe, and these are no exception. Perfect for the warmer weather and to make your legs longer! The necklace is so pretty and I'm so impressed recently with Newlook's collection of affordable statement necklaces.

Which stores have you been loving recently?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My 21st Birthday

Last week I turned 21. I feel so old now but it was so lovely to celebrate my birthday with my family and friend. As I am back at uni, my parents came down to see me so we went for a lovely meal and I ate the best food ever - the chocolate brownie was to die for! After being sufficiently filled up on good food, I went to Clinique to get my face properly done for my night out with my friends. They did such a lovely job and made me feel so special. For my night out I wore my amazing Estrella Bella Boutique that was made for me (you can read my detailed blog post about it here). I loved wearing it and got so many compliments on it. I got spoiled rotten for my birthday and received some lovely presents. A few being my holiday, which I'm so grateful about, some money, to go towards my new gold iPhone 5s, my gorgeous dress and a few vouchers where I picked up an amazing topshop jumpsuit that I cant wait to wear. 
For me now, Its back to doing my uni work, finishing off my dissertation and starting my last project for uni, Its crazy thinking that in 15 weeks I am done with university forever!

Thank you to everyone for making my 21st so special

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Feeling fresh, Feeling new

Jumper Newlook | Scarf Zara | Boots Uggs | Jeans Dorothy Perkins | Necklace Newlook

Happy New Year everyone! 

I cant believe its 2014! This year is such a big year for me I actually cant wait for it! Im turning 21, I'm graduating, I'm leaving Southampton to somewhere new (or wherever I can get a job) and I'm going on holiday to Portugal with the boy in Summer.
I thought seeing as its a new year, I would give my blog a little re-vamp. I like doing this every now and again, mainly because I get bored, but I'm learning so many things computery from blogging, I thought I should put it to good use. I really like how it looks at the moment and can see me keeping it for a while.
Excuse the set up at the moment - student accommodation isn't the nicest place to take blog photos.
This outfit is something i've been wearing loads since I got this jumper for Christmas. I already have this jumper in pink so asked for this colour to go with my collection (anyone else do that?) I absolutely adore this tiffany mint blue colour and think it looks so good with my jeans, which I need to wear more. I have been wearing my new Zara scarf with everything even if it doesn't match, lucky it matches really nicely with this jumper and jeans combo. I also tried it on with this statement necklace from Newlook. The jewels are slightly iridescent which matches the jumper perfectly.  I think it makes this outfit slightly smarter than my massive zara scarf. 
I cant wait to wear this outfit more and hopefully without a coat on when the weather gets a bit warmer! 

Did you get anything for Christmas that you cant stop wearing?

What I got for Christmas 2013

Happy New Year! Sorry I have been away from the whole blogging world recently. With Uni work and my job, I really haven't had time to blog about anything. Ive also not had anything interesting to blog about!
Start January, I will have more to blog about and will get back into the swing of things. Plus I have a lot of exciting things happening so plenty of OOTD posts will be up! I thought a good first post back of 2014 should be a "what I got for Christmas" post. Obviously this is not me trying to 'show off' or brag at all about what I have received this year. I am so super grateful and lucky to have been spoiled rotten this year! Plus I love reading these posts.
Firstly I got my trusty Lea Stafford hair growth products, I swear by these and they have really helped with my hair growing out. I also got some Gilly Hicks pj shorts which I have lived in since I got them, I love the tartan pink combo and the cute little bow! Getting Converse was such a surprise for me as I have always wanted them yet been too scared to buy the pink ones, I cant wait to wear these for sumer with little dresses and shorts.
I already have this Newlook jumper in pink as was so happy to receive it in this gorgeous baby blue colour, It matches perfectly with my new zara scarf! I love it so so much, even though my dad thought it was a blanket to start! Its so warm and cosy to wear. Another zara present was my mini office bag in burgundy. I have not stopped using this since Christmas, its just the perfect size for me.
Also from newlook I got this beautiful statement necklace which also matches the jumper really well, I cant wait to wear this on nights out or just to sparkle up an outfit. I was so happy and grateful to receive these next 2 gifts. I told my mum I really wanted the Lancome star mascara and she got it for me in a gift set with eyeliner and Bi-Facil makeup remover. I really love it so far and it makes my eyelashes look amazing! I also got the Enrapture jumbo waver which I really like using to make my pony tail more voluminous.
These last 2 presents were from my boyfriend. As my birthday is in a few weeks (I can't believe i'm going to be 21!) He decided to join the 2 together. I firstly got this gorgeous Swarovski necklace which I've had my eye on all year. My main present from him was this 2014 diary with unicorns on, he told me to flick through to June - A holiday to Portugal was written in! I am so lucky I cant wait to be relaxing on the beach in a few months time! 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year! 
I can't wait for what 2014 has in store.

What did you all get for Christmas?