Monday, 19 November 2012


As its coming up to Christmas and the festive season I thought it about time to find myself a lovely dress for going out. I saw a dress a not long ago from Topshop but wen i checked again, it went out of stock. I spent ages looking and trying to find it and luckily the Blogger Vixpo found it on Ebay for £8.99! it was originally for £38 so I got myself a little bargain. The delivery from the seller was super quick, I ordered it o Thursday and it arrived Saturday.

I love the fabric of this dress, it is figure hugging enough yet not so much it looks unflattering. I like the sleeves of the dress, its pretty hard to find a dress that has sleeves this length anymore and i find them more flattering for my shape. 

I am so looking forward to wearing this in he next few months and i think I'm going to be getting a lot of use from this. 

Have you found a perfect dress for this season?

lots of love

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Its my 20th Birthday a few weeks after Christmas and I'm on the hunt for the perfect outfit. Obviously I would like something that is special but something that wont just sit at the back of my wardrobe never to be worn again. I think you can never go wrong with black and gold just adds a bit of sparkle!
Here is 2 outfits I picked out. Both dresses are from Topshop and the shoes from Schuh and Newlook.

I love this playsuit from Topshop, I love velvet and the chiffon sleeves. The cut out back adds a touch of glamour to the outfit and the shoes are amazing! I'm absolutely in love with them! In the 2nd outfit I love the style and cut of this dress, the sparkles are amazing! The shoes are a winner as they're wedges, you can never go wrong with this style but I like the detail on the heel.    

Which outfit do you prefer? 

lots of love

Monday, 12 November 2012


Im sorry for my lack of posts but I have had a load of work as you know and I have been really ill so I have been in bed for the majority of the week. Thankfully tonight I have a nice meal planed and Made in Chelsea in bed.

- My super long hair
- Breaking in my shoes for my night out
- Starbucks to motivate me for work
- Carnage geek night
- My friends mouldy shoe
- Sisters

I will be back getting back into a routine after I feel better and get on top of all my work. I hope you've all had a lovely week

lots of love

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Today I thought id show you an outfit I wore last night for my night out with the girls. As its really chilly outside I thought it be best if I covered my arms as they get cold easily. I wore this amazing playsuit from LOVE (£32). I really like the wrap style of it and the material. I teamed it up with my red clutch bag from Dorothy Perkins (gift) and my amazing sparkly shoes from Newlook (£20). I felt super classy and comfy in the outfit and had a lush night out.

Here is a link to my playsuit - HERE

lots of love

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Today has been another day of working and sorting things out. I have deadlines soon and want to get as much done as possible so I'm not stressed out at the end and can enjoy Christmas. Today I wore a patterned skirt from USC (£7 sale) and a vest top from H&M. When I went outside I wore my Levi jacket and Primark flats. 

Right, off to go do some more work, wish me luck! 
Hope you all have a lovely day

lots of love

Monday, 5 November 2012


Im feeling super christmassy at the moment which is surprising for me as I'm not one for getting hyped up by the season. I normally find it stressful and busy and cold. But this year Im loving counting down the week, (7 incase you're wondering). I had my 1st red cup drink from Starbucks and love wrapping up warm. 
When my red dress came from Lavish Alice arrived (£15) I felt even more christmassy! I absolutely love the colour and the fit of it. Its so comfy and versatile. I like wearing them with leopard print and my leather jacket. 
I was a little concerned it wold show off my curves a little too much but I thought, why not embrace it and love my body instead of wasting time being worried about it.

Here is a link to Lavish Alice - HERE
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Are you feeling christmassy yet?

lots of love

Friday, 2 November 2012


I'm really enjoying winter this year. I normally get really annoyed wrapping up warm and shoving the layers on but this year I'm really enjoying putting winter outfit together. As you all know, I LOVE these leggings and I love wearing them (H&M £9.99) This is my new jacket I got from Topshop (£58) and I'm so glad I bought it. It's warm and the fur collar is unbelievably soft! It will defiantly be featuring in a lot of my OOTDs. I received my order from Lavish Alice today which I really love and will show you all tomorrow. 
I have been pretty busy with uni work recently so my blog posts have been a little sporadic. I have my 1st deadline in 25 days!! On a lighter note, the red cups are coming to Starbucks which means, its almost Christmas! 

Have a lovely day!

lots of love