Friday, 24 May 2013


Prom has hit the UK hard and my litter sisters prom was no different. She has had her nails, spray tan, hair and makeup, corsage and a fancy car to take her to the event. With all that aside, I am so proud of her finishing school and working so hard with her GCSE's. 

The most important part of her prom for all of us, was her dress. The dress needed to show her personality and make her look like the princess she is. We found this beauty in Lipsy. Its so gorgeous its unreal. The sparkles and the fit make it perfectly age appropriate, its just so pretty. Unfortunately my sister, like all the girls in my family have the short gene, so it was hard to find a full length dress that fitted right. This dress is the perfect length for her and shows of her gorgeous (and freshly spray tanned) legs. I know this dress isnt online anymore, but there are plenty more gorgeous similar dresses on the Lipsy website.
I personally think my sister looked perfect for her special night and Im sure she is going to enjoy every second of it. 

Have any of you got a Prom to go to this year? 


  1. Wow she looks gorgeous, just like a princess. I hope she had a fabulous night :-)