Tuesday, 28 May 2013


     As a lot of you know, I love to dress up and go out. I love how certain dresses make you feel and act. My celeb Boutique does just that - It makes me feel fantastic! It pulls me in at all the right places and shows off my curves. I know its scary to think, but for me, when september comes around, Christmas follows stupidly fast. I think its because I concentrate on Uni work too much to notice the months going by. I would really love another Celeb Boutique dress before my 21st. Hopefully one for my 21st! They are opening a store and the end of the year in Westfield which I'm super excited about. 

Here are a few of their dresses i'm lusting over at the moment. If you click on the dresses it will take you straight to the link.

I love these bottom two dresses, I think they're so different and so flattering! these are definately my top contenders for my 21st!

Whats your favourite Celeb Boutique piece?

I am a Celeb Boutique Affiliate which means i have the opportunity to blog about the company. 

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  1. Really like the 2 piece top dress!