Sunday, 5 May 2013


As my uni year is slowly drawing to an end, I can focus more on blogging and more outfit posts. I haven't really had enough time at the moment to blog about anything in particular so I thought id show you what i've been getting up to in the past few weeks. I had a week of uni which was lovely and it was so nice to get away from my uni bubble and breath! I just need to keep it together until the end of the week and then I'm done until september - bliss!
| Shoes for sale | I love unicorns | Jens beaut of a face | Bed hair in the afternoon | Jesus twins | Night out | 
| Gorgeous ring | Best dog friend | Facebook chat | Empty club | New coat | Bunny onesie | 
| Strawberry lemonade | Finishing my work | We made bread | Summer outfits |

On another note, Im selling a few bits on my blog which will be updated soon as well. I think I have a few dresses that could go to a good home. Id really love it if you had a look.