Thursday, 2 May 2013


I'm not one to copy celebrities and their clothing choices but I do love seeing celebrities in high street brands. It has purely been by chance that I've managed to own a few pieces that some well known people have also been seen wearing. 
The Zara Shopper bag was such a craze last summer, I think everyone had one. I still love mine and use it all the time for uni, its so handy having a bag you can fit everything in.
I love Holly's style, she has such a gorgeous figure and I always love what she wears. I was actually so happy when I saw her on celebrity juice wearing my dress - but she looked way better in it than me! 
Daily mail is a slight addiction of mine, I stumbled across this article a day after I ordered this coat. I was unsure if I would even like it because of how it was styled on the website, but after seeing it on Caroline Flack I knew I made the right decision. It looks so summery and classy, I love how it can make an outfit. Excuse the awkward photo of me on the last one, I wasn't really paying attention when it was being taken! 
I have been enjoying the weather so much recently and cant wait to fully finnish the year of uni so I can enjoy the summer relaxing with special people and doing exciting things. I actually cant wait!
Hope you've all been enjoying the sun!