Tuesday, 12 June 2012


As you all know, i'm obsessed with nails. I love fake nails, but I hate the messy part of glue. 
After a trip to boots to originaly buy normal nails but came across these. 
They are per stuck nails - genius! As soon as I saw these I knew thet were going to be special. 

They are so easy to put on, and surprisingly small enought to fit on my tiny nails. All you do is find the size that fits and peel off the sticky pad on the back then press on for a few seconds. And its done! So easy and looks super cute! 
The packaging I aslo am amazing idea, it looks like a nail varnih bottle. So clever.

The ones I got were £8.99 which I think is amazing for the quality. The normal colour ones are £7.99.

I have had them on for a few days now and they have really supirised me. The colour has lasted, I have been able to do my normal day to day things, wash my hands and everything without worrying if they'll come off.

I love the pattern I got, so summery and floral - my favourite cobination.
here is a link to their site - www.impressmanicure.com

Have you tried this out yet?
lots of love


  1. They are amazing! I have never seen these, will have to keep an eye open now! :) xx

    1. thankyou! its fefinatly worth a look, they have some lovely patterns!

  2. They are so pretty :) I will have to have a trip to Boots :)

    Tanesha x