Sunday, 5 February 2012


right, i have a big pain when it comes to nails. because I'm a fashion student and was an art student at college, I'm constantly cutting and sticking and basically ruining my nails. its impossible to grow my nails because i always get glue up them or breaking them.

i only wear fake nails or get my nails done when i have finished my work as a treat. - however whilst I'm working, i do still want to have nice looking nails.
but I'm awful at painting them. I'm too impatient and end up smudging them.

until now, i found these beauts in BOOTS. their called NAILEASE.
20 long lasting nail strips - brilliant. (the price was also a bonus of only £3)

i have only just put them on and already i love them. they didn't take long to do, about 20 mins. they are a bit fiddly but i do have freakishly small hands and nails. i only need up using 7 of the strips because i could use them on 2 nails at once.

surprisingly they do stay on! i was apprehensive to start and expecting them to fall off but they've stayed all day. I've washed up, done work, showered and done my day to day jobs.

I'm very impressed. i did get them on offer, but £4.50 also isn't a bad price.

defiantly a must for every girl on the go!

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