Thursday, 2 February 2012


Valentines day.
most girls are stuck on what to wear on valentines day. you need the right balance of no effort and trying too hard. you need have an effortless style that still makes you look classy and beautiful.

here are a few outfits from my own wardrobe i have put together to show you effortless style which can be worn for these different occasions.

  1. going out for a meal or watching a show
  2. going to the cinema
  3. going out for drinks

before i even start girls, you have to remember its only February, and its a very cold February this year - so always remember to have a coat - i would suggest a simple tailored trench coat.
feminine colour, strong colouring and flattering length. perfect for any of the occasions above. the belt around the middle could be changed for a belt that matches your shoes or outfit underneath - Also, something around your waist is very flattering no matter what size you are! it creates an hourglass figure which the guys love!


right, for this you need something that will make him go wow, you need to make an effort but not too in his face. if you have a glitzy dress on, don't have a necklace and wear simple shoes. if you have a plain dress, wear amazing shoes. don't have too much or it will look like you're trying to hard. - remember less is more.
i have chosen this dress to show you. simple, flattering and sparkly! (my favourite part) i would wear nude heels on (a fashion must have at the moment) and thats it. the sparkles on the dress compete it.

i bought this dress from BANK FASHION, from their RIBBON RANGE at £45.
im not sure if this exact one is available anymore but there are plant of these style dresses out there.


for this one, you need to be casual yet something to distract him from the film. for this one i have picked burgundy ponte treggins from newlook - £19.99, they are so comfy and a good mix of leggins and trousers. i have put them with a gorgeous kimono from H&M, i bought it in the sale for £5! - bargain. 

Kimonos are a fantastic way of hiding those bumps you don't want on show! i love the feel of satin and i adore the way it falls. so chic! i would finish this outfit off with simple flats and normal handbag.
you can find Kimonos from most high street stores, some more expensive than others, but you're paying for quality of the material.
underneath i would just wear a simple black or white top, nothing to fancy. maybe a necklace or bracelet that he buys you would finish the look off nicely!!!


for this theme, Heels is a must, if its a club or bar, you don't want to be the sorest girl there, get him to notice you! my advise, get your pins out! sitting on a bar stool looks the best when you have a bit of leg on show. (just remember to fake tan before) for this look id go for a short yet floaty dress. nothing too tight because you don't want to give the wrong impression.
this dress is short and floaty looks feminine, sexy and casual - its a confident yet safe look. it makes you look slimmer than you actually are! genius!
the cross over give the impression on a bigger bust and compliment the sleeves which slims your shoulders. the belt cinches in your waist and the skirt doesn't cling on any unwanted lumps and bumps. this dress was from USC lulu for £30
i would defiantly match this dress up with a black clutch. i would also put this outfit with my shoes that i put in my previous blog.

PRE DATE - always remember to shave, wax, fake tan, moisturise, the works! never try new products on your skin on the day -  you don't want a rash all over your face on a date!
if your having a spray tan - get it a few days before, you don't want that smell following you around!
another tip - wear the perfume he always comments on. its a familiar smell for him and will make him feel at ease with you on the date.
go for simple natural makeup -  let him see your gorgeous natural face - if he doesn't like that, he's not worth it!
casual hair is a must - long curls or a scurfy ballet bun, I'm so glad this look is in fashion. it takes seconds to do and is bang on trend.

i hope this helps you all, let me know how the dates go!!! i'll put a picture up of my date look on the 14th! 



  1. thanks for sharing with us your tips for valentine's day! unfortunately my boyfriend is at uni that day so we won't celebrate it on the proper day! hope everything will be fine on your date!! xxx

  2. ah no! you can have your own special valentines day together then!
    I'm not sure what i am doing yet but i will post a picture of my outfit then.
    hope you have a lovely valentines day what ever day it is!!