Tuesday, 14 February 2012

VALENTINES DAY and new clothes rail

so today is the day. and i did get something off my wish list - in fact, i got 2!
im super lucky.

i got a dip hem dress. its more gorgeous on than i could ever imagine!
i love the back and the length. its so flattering!

it was £42 from BANK FASHION. the fit is right, the length is right and the quality of material is amazing.

i am wearing this dress with sparkly heels from NEWLOOK. they were £18.

i also got a REGAL ROSE bracelet. it has petrol colour beads with a silver skull. i love the colour, its perfect and can be worn with anything. the colours means it goes with everything.

i have a lot of clothes. and was slowly running out of room in my wardrobe. so i invested in this gem.
it was only £8.99 from ARGOS.
it was so easy to assemble and only took 5 minutes. 
i can fit 4 pairs of heels underneath it which is a big bonus, as i have way too many shoes for my wardrobe. 
this is a quick and easy way to keep all your clothes hanging and spaced out. 
defiantly a good buy. 

did you all have a good valentines day? what did you get?


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  1. You have great style hun. I didn't get anything. No valentine this year for me lol.

    Xox Soph