Wednesday, 8 February 2012


so, my new necklace came today, and i am in LOVE!

it even more beautiful than i could ever imagine. 
it is the most adorable necklace I've ever owned - i have had non stop compliments today on the train home. 

the packaging is a beautiful leopard print bag which has a little card inside. the time she takes in making it look and feel more special is priceless! 

then you come to the necklace, at only £8 this is a definite buy. i think its so clever how realistic the sweets are!
the chain is perfect length - I'm so glad i chose the gold chain (you are able to get it in silver too)

it is just fabulous! I'm defiantly getting another one asap!
the jewellery on tho site would be perfect as a gift for somebody or just to treat yourself.
have you got anything from TRASHY DOLL?

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