Wednesday, 1 February 2012


TRASHY DOLL is an online shop full of kitsch, quirky, retro and funky Jewellery.

a lot of the jewellery is lovingly handmade using materials such as polymer clay, laser cut acrylic and casting resin.

i absolutely love all of their collection. especially the JAR OF ALLSORTS necklace - Its quirky, fun and colourful.
the price  is amazing - such quality for  not a lot of money!!
i particularly like the jewellery that imitates food, how cool is that! they look so realistic as well.

they are constantly updating and adding jewellery like vintage one off pieces. 
im in love with them and I'm sure you will be too - i'll upload a photo of the necklace after i order it - I CANT WAIT!

look at their Twitter page, Facebook page and Website -

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  1. I love trashy doll getting my best friend's Christmas prezzies from there! x