Monday, 27 January 2014

White Diamond Phone Case

| White Diamonds Phone case £15 |

I recently upgraded my trusty iPhone 3gs to a brand new phone. I am so happy to now have a phone that actually works and has storage space and can download apps on it. I can actually use my phone properly and get my moneys worth on it. I chose the iPhone 5s, mainly because its gold, but also because I am an apple girl and have been for a while. Plus its such a jump from my old phone. I obviously wanted a case for it as its got to last me 2 years, but wanted something clear to see the gold on the back. I decided originally to get a clear case but stumbled across this site not long ago. White Diamonds offer sophisticated phone cases with Swarovski elements on it. Im not going to lie, I was completely sold by the idea. When It arrived I couldn't be more happier with how it looks. The 3 'trinity' jewels fit perfectly on the back and just compliments my phone perfectly. The front and sides are clear and minimal so it doesn't look like I have a bulky case on, or one at all. I love my new phone and the case, I can't wait to buy more cases from White Diamond. 

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