Tuesday, 17 September 2013

First Of My Freshers Outfits

| Top Newlook £9.99 | Trousers TKMaxx £15 | Heels Miss Selfridge £15 | Clutch £10 Bank Fashion |

For many new students or returning students, Freshers is starting this week. Freshers is all about having a good time and making new friends or enjoying time with all your friends. As I have moved into my house with 3 of my best friends, we are all going to enjoy our last year together, have a good time going out and enjoying freshers.
I feel that my 'night out' wardrobe has been a bit boring and plain recently and I wanted to inject a bit if colour to it. I have also found that as the weather has been getting a bit cooler, i've wanted to dress slightly warmer than normal yet still look fashionable. 
I have seen loads of these trousers in Zara and Topshop and haven't been too sure about them (or the price). However I found these in TKMaxx for only £15 and thought I why not. I really like the print and style of them. 
I really wanted a cami from Topshop too, only none of the sizes fitted me, either too small or too bit. I spotted this in Newlook and it fitted a lot better. I really like the way this looks for a classy night out look. I think it will be a simple easy outfit to wear that will still keep me slightly warmer, a bit more covered up than normal and still look fashionable. 

What do you think? Have you bought any new outfits recently?


  1. I love your trousers!x


  2. I love tailored trousers and the tailored style in general, really feel it can add class to an outfit! I'm 3rd year too and love dressing up with my girls, love this look! X


  3. Lovely outfit x