Monday, 30 January 2012


Tiffany, the American jewellery and silverware company has been around since 1837.

Their prices range from £100 to millions. Their most expensive being a diamond engagement ring at the pricey amount o£1,627,500 (I live in hope)

I have only got one item of jewellery from Tiffany, the classic iconic heart shaped earrings. I love the box it comes in and the dust bag. i buff my earrings on them before i wear them  on it.

They are the cheapest item from the website £100, however they have lasted for years. The amount of time I've worn them makes up for the price.

These are my favourite earrings ever and they have lasted forever.
To wash, I use a silver polish cloth and use warm water on it. i got this advise when i bought my silver Pandora bracelet. it does the job.

I have 2 piercing on one ear and I was apprehensive when i got my 2nd piercing as i thought the Tiffany earring wouldn't fit, however it does fit.


  1. That's so cute! Tiffany is really sweet for gifting yourself or your significant other.

  2. they look cute I agree! xox