Tuesday, 31 January 2012


all my post seem to be about jewellery, sorry about that, i just have a lot of lovely sparkly things at the moment <3

the daisy jewellery I've got are 2 stack rings. 
although they are pricey - roughly about £50.
(i bought them in the sale) however, they are silver and will last forever, thank goodness!!!

although they are meant to be stacked one on top of the other, i prefer them singularly as i have small hands and they look more delicate.

i love the simplicity of each design and the small detail of colour inside each daisy.

the boxes they came in are lovely and simple like the ring and the delivery was super quick.

they are such beautiful rings and i wear them most days.

simple, silver, super

a must have for any girls hand. i love daisy jewellery.

i am defiantly buying some more when i have money!!!


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  1. They're beautiful! Really tempted to invest...