Sunday, 29 January 2012


Every girl has a love for mulberry. The English traditional style of handbags has become a timeless collection of every woman's wardrobe.

As a poor student, I wish I had the funds to have a Mulberry in my arms. I have a few mulberry gifts from lovely people who clearly know me very well.

(I am secretly hoping for Mulberry over valentines day)

The bayswater is classic. I love the size, the colour, the smell, the durability. I just love it.

I have to have one. £695 isn't that bad??

I have a Mulberry Zip Pouch that i got for my birthday. The first thing i noticed about it was that it is surprisingly big, i use it as a clutch bag the majority of the time and the rest in my day handbag to keep keys and cards in.
From a friend I got a Hot Fuchsia Heart Friendship Bracelet. The heart is 3cm wide and i love the colour.

I love how every Mulberry item is delivered to the heights standard. I love how it came in it own box with the logo on. It just makes it all the more nice to receive as a gift.

Clutch bag - £150
Bracelet -  £60

Sorry the photograph quality isn't too good, its very dark in my room.

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