Saturday, 28 January 2012

My obsessive love for shoes

When I am old and have horrible feet, I will smile knowing I have worn enough heels :)
I love shoes, always have always will. When i was little i used to make my mum stick pins on my shoes so it would make a noise. 
I am short.. 5"2 and a bit, having a boyfriend who is 6"3 does not help.
So to solve this issue, i wear heels, lots of them. They may kill my feet and sometimes give me blisters, they are worth it. 
At the moment I have a love for wedges. Super sencible compared to stilletos and no fear of snapping the heel off (just me??)
These are my new babies. 
Miss Selfridge - £69
i never normally pay that much on shoes, especially heels, However, these Burgandy Suede Wedges are a limited edition, and therefore probably worth the investment.

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