Wednesday, 14 August 2013


| Dress Primark £5 sale | Sandals Newlook £7.99 | 

I doubt i'm going to get any more wear out of this dress this year as the sun seems to have well and truly disappeared. It's a shame because I absolutely love this dress. I picked this dress up in the primark sale reduced from £17 to £5! I wouldn't buy anything from primark for £17 but i thought £5 was much better and a right steal. I really like the cut outs of this dress. I think they're more sophisticated cut outs compared to others i've seen. Im able to wear a normal bra with it without it being on show at all which is a bonus. I love how much material there is in the full skirt. Its such a simple outfit to wear either shopping or on a date or just enjoying the sunshine. I have had such a lovely week away and have come home now for my final month before going back to uni for my last year! Its such a scary thought having to think next year i'm going to be a big girl and live in the big world of work!

Do you own a cutout dress?


  1. You look lovely! Would never guess the dress is from Primark - love a good bargain!!! Xx

    H @ Higher&Haya

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  3. FIVE POUNDS what the hell! so good, love this dress! bargain.
    looks lovely xx

    1. haha its a good bargain! Thanks hun xx

  4. I love this dress, so pretty! :)

    Sarah x

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  6. Oh my Gawd! This dress is gorgeous! So jealous you found it for £5 thats amazing!

    Kylie x