Wednesday, 12 June 2013


| Shirt Hollister £35 Sale |
I love being able to get as much wear as possible out of an item of clothing. When I spend more money than normal on an item (for me thats about £30 over, i'm a student!) I like to get my moneys worth. I bought this shirt as I really love the colour, fit and shape. It is a mens shirt but I think it works better for the over sized shirt look. Here are the top 3 ways that I wear my shirt. Leggings and Uggs are the perfect option for this shirt as its comfy and easy. I also really love wearing my shirt tied up with my maxi dress. Its the perfect way to cover up over summer yet still feel cool and relaxed.
| Shirt Hollister £35 Sale | Leggings Jack Wills £14 Sale | Boots Uggs £130 | Handbag Zara £22 |
| Shirt Hollister £35 Sale | Shorts H&M £15 | Flip-flops Accessorize £8 | Sunglasses Primark £1 |
| Shirt Hollister £35 Sale | Maxi Dress Oasap £20* | Flip-flops Accessorize £8 | Handbag Zara £22 | Sunglasses Primark £1 |

How do you like to wear your shirt?


  1. You look great in all of these outfits. I love the first one. It's simple and comfy, but cute. :D

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  2. I love wearing a casual shirt over a maxi dress or skirt, it gives it such a relaxed, boho feel x