Thursday, 28 February 2013


Estrella Bella Boutique is a bespoke fashion boutique based in Swansea. She offers unique dresses that are made to order. They offer a huge range of designs and fabrics that are made to measure so they'll fit you perfectly. 
As you all know, I am a sucker for princess dresses and absolutely love pink and sparkly suff. (I do think I was a magpie in a previous life) When I found this site, at first I was in awe, then in amazement. These dresses are gorgeous! 
These dresses are perfect for those special birthday, wedding and parties. Her prices are around £50-£150 - for handmade custom sparkle, I think thats fantastic.
I have no special event coming up but I might just buy one so I can pretend to be a princess for the day. 
I thought I would share my favourites with you.
These last 2 dresses are my absolute favourite, I absolutely love the silver and pink together. 

You can find these beautiful dresses from these links. She currently doesn't have a website but is working on one which i'm super excited about.

Which one do you love the most?


  1. OMG i absolutely love it, Im the same when it comes to sparkly things. The colours there looks really nice and what a great price. I better check her out now :)

    1. you defiantly should, she's amazing x

  2. Oh my gosh these dresses are amazing!! Wish I had an occasion to wear one to! Think my favourite is the black one as the bow at the back is so cute!

    Lovely blog

    B x

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    1. i think im going to have to make up an occasion to buy one!
      i will do

  3. The one on the left is so unique! Love them!

  4. wowww, so pretty! the last two are my favorites too!