Monday, 5 March 2012


lace is a big trend. i love lace. it can change an outfit to sexy or girly. there is lace everywhere - from leotards to dresses.

here are a few of my favourite pieces out there right now and my own outfit.

this dress is beautiful! it is from LAVISH ALICE which is an amazing site with quirky clothes.

i really love this dress. its super feminine and flattering with the ballerina skirt.
it could easily be worn as casual too with tights and boots. 

coming in at £38  it is pricey, however if you like them on Facebook, you get 10% off. 

i am defiantly going to invest in this dress for the summer.

i love this skirt! i wear a lot of body con skirts anyway but i have never found one like this. this would look fabulous with a white shirt tucked into it.

from LIPSY. this metallic lace skirt is defiantly a key piece. 
£40 is expensive for a skirt however i had tried this on before and the quality is very good. 

TOMS are a necessity for everyones wardrobe this summer! practical, cool and goes with everything. these are defiantly and investment.
these lace ones are so cute! these would look amazing with shorts and a top to make the outfit look really girly and feminine. 

£45 are reasonable for TOMS. they last FOREVER! they are so durable and will be worn every year. 

plus they have really good charity called ONE FOR ONE. every shoe you buy, they will give a pair to a child who needs them in poor countries.


this dress is from H&M and it was £15 which isn't bad at all. the white top underneath was also H&M, it was defiantly less that £5.

the belt was PRIMARK £2 and the shoes were NEWLOOK, they were £19

my ring was from H&M and that was £6.50.

what do you think? have you bought any lace recently?



  1. I love the dress!
    Claudia xxx

    1. which dress hun? the one from LAVISH ALICE comes in green and black too!

      lizzie xxx

  2. Love your dress and your ring!
    New follower :)

    Rachel xxx