Friday, 23 March 2012


As you all know, I'm a sucker for individual quirky jewellery. Recently on Facebook i discovered this company called BIJOUX JEWELLERY.
it has a range of unique hand made jewellery and every item custom made if you request a certain colour scheme or style. she uses a variety of beads, pearls and semi precious stones. 

im not going to lie, i think she makes beautiful jewellery. 

here are a pick of my favourite items.

handmade jewellery makes it feel so much more special when it arrives because you know someone has taken time to make it for you. 
with all the jewellery under £12, they are a fabulous bargain and investment.

what do you think? will you be purchasing anything?



  1. Oo I love this post thankyou, you can ave a discount of 20% if you ever wanted t put an order in (:

    1. ah thanks hun! i will let you know when i have money :P xx

  2. I love the magic stars bracelet. The moustache reminds me of Tatty Devine, I think they have a similar one xx