Monday, 28 October 2013

Pink A/W Wishlist

Im sorry for the lack of posts, My uni wok has increased massively and I haven't had much time to blog at all. This is just a quick posts to show you what I'm loving at the moment. I really love pink and have been seeing a lot of it around which I haven't before. 
I really love this pink jumper, I really like the shape and fit of it and the colour is such a gorgeous candy floss colour. This handbag is amazing. It looks like a copy of the mulberry willow back which I saw on their recent catwalk. I found this beauty on ebay for only £16.99 which is a steal compared to the Mulberry price. Might have to invest in this for winter. I think its such a good way of injecting a bit of colour into your winter wardrobe. 

What have you been loving recently?


  1. That bag is such an amazing colour, love the necklace too

    1. i know! I've actually just bought it and the colour is the best colour ever! xo

  2. The bag is such a good copy of the Mulberry Willow!!

    Claudia xxx

  3. that hot pink bag is adorable! :D I want!

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