Monday, 19 November 2012


As its coming up to Christmas and the festive season I thought it about time to find myself a lovely dress for going out. I saw a dress a not long ago from Topshop but wen i checked again, it went out of stock. I spent ages looking and trying to find it and luckily the Blogger Vixpo found it on Ebay for £8.99! it was originally for £38 so I got myself a little bargain. The delivery from the seller was super quick, I ordered it o Thursday and it arrived Saturday.

I love the fabric of this dress, it is figure hugging enough yet not so much it looks unflattering. I like the sleeves of the dress, its pretty hard to find a dress that has sleeves this length anymore and i find them more flattering for my shape. 

I am so looking forward to wearing this in he next few months and i think I'm going to be getting a lot of use from this. 

Have you found a perfect dress for this season?

lots of love


  1. That dress is gorgeous lovely. I love how it's sparkly.


  2. you look beautiful, the color so suits you, i would be so so happy if you could check my blog out! i'm following, love your blog! ;) x

  3. oh, sorry xxxx