Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Everyone has dreams of having flawless skin. Not everyone is lucky enough to have this so we have to compromise. Thankfully, we have the luxury of makeup. It hides a world of sin and covers up what we want to hide. unfortunately. its hard to find something that is cheap yet has good coverage.
This soap and glory concealer does just that. It has 2 different colour concealers for under eye and blemishes and can be easily blended together. To finish it off, there is a setting powder to keep it on. Its all I need to bring with me on a night out for touch ups.
Overall this is my favourite concealer at the moment by far and id defiantly be buying this again, at only £10, id say it was very reasonably priced.

Have you found your dream concealer yet?

lots of love

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  1. I've bought this twice and both times the packaging has completely fallen apart :( It's so annoying because I do find it to be an amazing concealer but once it's broken it gets so messy :/ xx