Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Putting an outfit together can be pretty hard sometimes, let alone when you have to budget. I do love a good challenge and when I found out Fashion Voucher are doing a competition at the moment to put together an outfit for under £50 I had to do it.

It was harder than I imagined, I was surprised that my outfits I already own are way more than £50. However I was successful and I'm super pleased with the outfit I put together. Its something I would defiantly wear. Especially during this funny weather between summer and autumn.

I managed to get it at exactly £50, I would have liked to add a bag, but obviously money was tight in this challenge. I used all the items that were full price, so no discounts or sale items!

Dress £18 - I love midi dresses, I think its a perfect dress to wear for when it starts to get chilly, easily worn with sandals or ankle boots when it get colder. I love the pattern and colours in this.

Shoes £25 - These are the most expensive item from the outfit, but i love shoes so I was bound to pick something more pricey. I decided to pick heels, just because its what I would wear because I'm short and like a bit of height. Wedges are such a good heel as they are easy to walk in. 

Rings £4 - These rings are a statement piece that adds a good focal point to any outfit. These could easily be stacked or used as knuckle rings or separately. The shape gives an edgy feel to the outfit which i quite like. 

Eyelashes £3 - Eyes are the window to the soul, so why not accentuate this feature and make them pop! At £3 you cant go wrong and finish off an outfit for a dramatic look for a night out.

Have you managed to put together a bargain outfit recently? 

lots of love

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