Monday, 13 August 2012


As you all know I'm at uni and going into my 2nd year which means moving out of halls and into my own little home from home. I decided to live on my own this year - less distraction, and I absolutely can't wait to put my own little touch on a place to call home.
I have a job at Next Home which comes in very handy as I'm surrounded by pretty room sets all day and get staff discount. The majority of my new things are from next. I wouldn't normally buy things from here but my discount means its pretty affordable.
My new house has a tiny kitchen, Bedroom/Study and a bathroom. I'm obviously going for a pink theme in the bedroom and kitchen and whites, greys and silvers in the bathroom.

Some of these things I already have as they were bought in the sale. The Pink kettle and toaster set was a bargain of £18 reduced from £50 and the bedding was reduced from £45 to £15.

All these things listed below are from Next

  1. Camera - £10
  2. Flower - £2.50 (sale)
  3. Marilyn Monroe Picture - £30 or £50 depending on frame
  4. Soak motif - £15
  5. Towels - £35 (set of 6)
  6. Fairy lights - £25
  7. Soap dispenser and Tumbler - £12
I know its girly and pretty but its going to be my own space and I cant wait to make it look just how I want! I will upload pictures when I have moved in and fully finished my masterpiece. 

What do you think? Are you redecorating or moving house soon?
lots of love

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