Sunday, 20 July 2014

Benefit 'They're Real!' Push up liner

Im not a beauty blogger, and beauty products are not something I massively venture into. I normally stick to the regular foundation and mascara and thats about it. However this eyeliner has literally changed my makeup routine forever. Benefit have just released their new eyeliner to go with the UK's number one mascara, 'they're real'. The eyeliner is a gel liner in a pen. the tip is flexible, meaning getting the perfect flick is so easy. I found that I can wear it for a whole 9-5 shift at work with no budge which is something I really look for in an eyeliner. To remove, Id 100% recommend using the they're real makeup remover, it literally removes the liner with one wipe. I am going to have to buy the full size after using up the tester sized one. 
I also got a little spoiled and got my eyebrows tinted and waxed by the lovely girls at benefit. A week later my brows still look fab and the best they've ever looked. Thank you to the benefit girls in Hereford Debenhams for the brows and lovely evening! 

Have you tried using this eyeliner yet?

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