Friday, 29 March 2013


 The weather has well and truly put a downer on my mood, so as I'm home I thought I would take the opportunity to go shopping with my mum. I have been building up my little holiday collection for a while now and finally think I have enough. I think there's sill a couple more things I need either to arive or order then i'm done! 
None of this stuff is too expensive, I am going to Zante so I doubt any of this is going to stay decent for long. The majority of it has come from primark and H&M. I really love H&M for their basic range, its such good quality for the price too. 
As I put in my last post i've been trying to find some ray bans however found these pretty good copies from primark for £1. I can't complain however my mission to find cheap real ones continues! 
I also have stocked up on my mini toiletries, I don't really need these as I'm taking a suitcase, but I'm only going for a week so don't really need to bring massive bottles with me, plus I think they're so much more cute the smaller they are, just me?
I really need the sunshine to come out or i might just move to another country! 

Hope you all have a lovely easter


  1. So jealous I wanna go on holiday, wahhhh!

  2. I'm with you on the moving part, I'm so sick of the snow :( love the bag. I definitely need to do some holiday shopping as I go to Florida in 4 weeks, excited is not the word :)

  3. I wanna go on a vacation(holiday) badly! These are great buys! | nyc style blog