Friday, 21 December 2012


So its been an absolutely beautiful week at home. I love seeing my family and spending time with the people I love. This is obviously going to be a festive week in pictures. I didn't realise until today that we have 5 Christmas trees in my house and decorations everywhere! I am enjoying relaxing and unwinding from this term at uni. It seems to have taken a lot out of me as I've been asleep most nights this week before 11! 
Im super looking forward to the next week with santa coming to visit ;) I hope you've all been good this year!

1- ready to go home! 2- on the long train home. 3- yes i have a pink christmas tree in my room! 4- festive piano room. 5- the cutest picture EVER on the internet! 6- what i miss about being home. 7- styling ootd posts. 8- a welsh present. 9- another christmas tree! 10- my new shoes :) 11- I'm a star. 12- Starbucks to end the week 

Happy Christmas!

lots of love


  1. Your dog is SO CUTE in that outfit, love your new shoes xx