Wednesday, 9 May 2012


As most of you know, i bought a pair of gorgeous leopard print wedges from Boohoo. I got them in the sale for £21 and i have to say, these are the most comfortable pair of heel I own. The wedge thickness is about 3cm wide but surprisingly easy to walk in. I was able to dance the night away without having to think about me feet. Perfect!
I was even able to walk home faster than my boyfriend which is a miracle as he normally carries me home just so we get back in normal time.
The only downside I would have is that because they are boots, my feet do get pretty hot in them, but they're so comfy I forget.

I recently change me phone from an awful old HTC to a new fast iPhone. Obviously the 1st think I did was buy phone cases as there is so much choice!
I saw a lot of these RILAKKUMA phone cases about so i found one on ebay for £8. I won't recumbent my seller as it was pants and arrived 4 months after ordering but there are plenty out there.
I know it might not be to everyones taste but I think its just too cute. As you can see my the size of my tiny hands it is massive for me but I love it anyway.
Here is a link to the instagram photo, follow if you want -

What do you think?  

lots of love

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